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Radioactive Rantage

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The Comics Continuum
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This community's purpose is intended for a general discussion on the medium of comic books, graphic novels and manga. We welcome all to the discussion, but require all members to abide by the following four basic rules:

1) All posts must relate to the central purpose of the community, the print medium of comic books, graphic novels and manga. While web-comics, comic strips and anime (non-manga related) are all wonderful things, they have their own communities and this is not the place for discussion of them (TV shows and movies based on these are acceptable). Posts that don't relate to this topic may (and mostly will) be removed, at the discretion of the moderator.

2) You may post links to outside articles or sites, as long as they relate to the purpose of the forum (as listed in rule #1). Unnecessary repetition of links, off-topic links and spam will be removed.

3) No topic or opinion is invalid or unworthy, and no trolling, flaming, insults or similar such behavior will be tolerated. All posts deemed to violate this policy will be removed without notice. Generally, there will be a "three strikes" policy (two warnings and then banning), but in the event of gross and/or flagrant abuse of this policy, there may only be one warning or none at all.

4) As the topic may attract teenage (or even pre-teen) LiveJournal members, discussions of pornographic comics are not allowed and will be removed without notice. Discussions about adult topics, such as sexual matters, drug use/abuse, etc., relating to general comics are allowed, but please keep them relevant and refrain from gratuitous use.

That's it. Welcome to the Comics Continuum!