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Sat, Mar. 3rd, 2007, 10:24 pm
arcturusrann: Angry with Marvel about Civil War...

For those of you who haven't yet read Civil War, and still intend to do so, I'm placing this behind a cut.

After reading Civil War #7, I am discontinuing any future purchases of Marvel comics at my local dealer (Comicopolis in Santa Cruz, CA). I have no issue with Marvel writing a story that has one side ultimately winning over the other, nor the idea that the bulk of the people inside the Marvel Universe United States clearly support one side or the other.
But when they not only clearly paint one side as the "good guys" and one as the "bad guys" in this story, that steps over the line.   This story was supposed to have greater depth as a conflict of philosophy between two groups who deeply believed they were in the right. And at the end, they betrayed the characters, the world, and ultimately the readers. The fact that this betrayal extends to the entire Marvel Universe simply makes this unforgivable.
If I had any doubt that CW ended by preaching a single philosophy, this was eradicated by an interview in Newsarama's Joe Friday where Quesada said, "Now, more to the point of your question, what was very obvious about Civil War from the very beginning (and I did say it in so many interviews) is what we were showing was our government doing what it’s supposed to do. It was answering the will of the people, not the desires of a small powerful minority. It was the government acting responsibly. Tony Stark saw this as well, unfortunately, the person this was lost on was Cap."
This clearly establishes the idea that not only do the people of the Marvel Universe U.S. side with Stark and company, but that they should. That automatically invalidates any value as thoughtful fiction and transforms the storyline (and since it applies to the entire Marvel Universe, it as well) into a pulpit to preach one person's political views. Even were I to agree with his view, I would still find it inappropriate.  The fact that he's espousing a policy that runs completely counter to the principle of protecting the rights of the minority, which our country was founded on makes it all the more repugnant. And I won't support his soapbox tirade to push the tyranny of the majority in any way.
As long as Quesada stands as Editor and he pushes this view on the line, I will not give one cent to Marvel. I won't be buying any comics, I won't be seeing Spiderman 3, or the upcoming Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer movie, all of which I had planned.  I can't tell you all what to do, but if any of you find it as unacceptable as I do, I encourage you to let them know and do the same.

Sun, Mar. 4th, 2007 02:15 pm (UTC)

Wow...I'm not sure I'd take Quesada at face value yet, since it's not over (there's still the Initiative) and the cool heroes are still holding out.

See my post at http://babbott.livejournal.com/254712.html for my thoughts...

Sun, Mar. 4th, 2007 05:58 pm (UTC)

My problem is that since he completely eviscerated the basis of the series, I have to believe he did it for some reason other than writing a good story. Since he's given me a reason that neatly coincides with what happened, I have little reason to believe that he didn't mean it, especially since he wouldn't want to do something that would piss off readers as much as he did.

And as Editor-in-Chief, he guides the vision for the entire universe, like Stan Lee before him or the esteemed Julius Schwartz did at DC. If this is what he sees for the Marvel Universe, he can take it there without me.